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Unsure of how to play? Want to check out a Rule? You're at the right spot!! Below you should find any and all material to help you play and win the Fantasy Stock Broker game!
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FaFolio is the FREE game that has taken fantasy football, dropped the pro-athletes, and replaced them with publicly-traded stocks. Same awesome game, but now when the season is over you are left with an increased understanding of investing in the stock market.


FaFolio comes complete with:

  • Public and Private Leagues
  • Auto and Offline Drafts
  • 10 Week Regular Season & 3 Round Playoffs
  • 8 Starting and 4 Bench Stocks
  • 6-20 Team Leagues
  • Daily or Weekly Trading Formats
  • Private Watch List for Tracking Possible Acquisitions
  • Stock List and Stock Breakdown Pages
  • Schedules, and Standings
  • Message Boards
  • Recent Transaction Box
  • Commissioner Notes
  • Match-Up Pages
  • and much much more…

FaFolio is simple to participate and in, and seasons start every Monday at the opening bell of the NYSE. All that it takes is joining a league (public or private) and creating a team. Once a league is full, a schedule is generated, the draft takes place, (auto or offline) and the season begins!

Each week team owners compete against a different team owner, in their league, in an investment battle, and the team with the highest dollar value when the closing bell rings at the end of the week wins.

Throughout the season team owners are able to add/drop stocks in the free agency pool, trade stocks with other team owners, bench and start stocks, and keep an eye on potential stocks with a private watch list.

Relax and have fun. You can do as much or as little as you want, in managing your team during the season, and don't worry about being able to understand the calculations, FaFolio does all the grunt work of gathering statistics, computing point totals, and updating standings.

The following paragraphs provide a more in depth look at some of the details you may be interested in throughout the season.

The Three League Choices

Okay, so you have decided to give FaFolio a try, but what to do first? There are three league choices to get started, and they can be found by clicking the "Join a League" or "Create a League" buttons on the Main Page.

Let's walk through them one at a time.

Join a League

The Join a League Page has two options, join a private league or be assigned to a public league.

Join a Private League. This is available to users who have received an email invitation sent by one of their friends from FaFolio. The email will contain the league number and password, enter the information and simply hit save & continue before creating a team. More on creating a team in a bit!

Be Assigned to a Public League. This is the quickest way to get started in the action. Simply select the *competition level and create your team. As soon as the league is full, a schedule will be created, the auto draft will occur that evening, and FaFolio will send an email notifying you of these updates (as long as you agree to receive notification from FaFolio on your create a team page). From there it is up to you to adjust your line- up as you see fit in preparation for the coming season.

*The difference in competition levels is in regards to how often you will be allowed to change your line-up. If you would like the option of changing your line-up every day, than choose competitive/daily, but if you do not foresee yourself wanting to change your line- up more than once a week you may prefer the casual/weekly league. However, keep in mind that just because you choose competitive/daily does not mean you are required to change your line-up every day; it just simply gives you the option.

The other choices are league and draft size. These will be available in the near future and will allow you to decide how many teams you want to compete with. The last choice offers you the option to have the starting eight stocks or your entire team drafted with bench players.

Create a League

Users who want to be the commissioner of their own private league with their friends come here to get started.

First create your league name and password. (Don't worry about remembering this, the invite option, on your league page, will allow you to email the information needed to join). Decide on auto or offline draft, number of teams, and competitive or casual.

Auto Draft

The auto draft option allows you and the fellow team owners to have your initial roster filled for you. The draft is random and allows for any stock to be placed on any team. Once the draft is complete you can then make adds/drops and trades in either free agency or among fellow team owners, in preparation for the upcoming season.

Offline Draft

The offline draft option allows team owners to select the stocks they want as opposed to having the computer select them. This type of draft is only available for private leagues. Once the draft is complete the commissioner will then enter in the results on the offline draft page. Once the draft is entered all team owner will be able to make adds/drops and trades in either free agency or among fellow team owners, in preparation for the upcoming season.

That's it you're done, off to creating your team!

Create Your Team

Once you have decided which league to participate in, the next step is creating your team.

This is even easier, pick a team name, upload or choose a default image, select a time zone, decide if you want others to see your email address, and lastly determine if you would like to receive *notifications from FaFolio concerning your team.

*When deciding to receive email notifications. FaFolio will email you such things as, when your schedule and draft are complete, (giving you a first look at free agents) when another team owner has replied to one of your posts or when other teams have offered or rejected trades. Receiving emails is to your team's advantage and is not for purposes of spamming.

League Joined and Team Created, Now What?

CONGRATS, you are now officially a team owner on FaFolio! You should have made it back to your main page, where you will see your newly joined/created league and team.

Inviting Friends

If you are the commissioner of a private league you can now click in the league page and invite your friends by entering their email addresses and they will receive all of the information they need to join your league.

Main Page

The main page is your command central providing you a summary of your leagues (you can have up to four at any given time). The league names, your team names, league ranks, and current matchup scores are tracked and displayed here.

FaFolio also posts updates, such as, newly added stocks and features, and supplies you with top industry news, from sources such as, The Wall Street Journal, The NY Times, and Morningstar.

The seasons start every Monday following your draft, prior to that however, there are a few features to become familiar with, so you can hit the ground running when that opening bell starts ringing.

League Page

This page is where FaFolio keeps track of everything that involves you and your fellow team owners. To keep you as up to date as possible, we outfitted this page with the current standings, your schedule, and playoff brackets. There is even a weekly breakdown of every match-up in your league.

There are also message boards, for friendly smack talk and updates, (complete

with email alerts when a fellow team owner replies to one of your posts) a recent transactions box, and for private leagues, commissioner notes. FaFolio also supplies you with top industry news, from sources such as, The Wall Street Journal, The NY Times, and Morningstar.

My Team Page

Starting from the top, your team's information and picture box are editable at anytime throughout your season. Below this box you will see various time frames that allow you to track your stocks results by the day, week or season.

From here your roster with the starting eight and four bench stocks are shown with major statistics that include: stock name, symbol (click on these to see a breakdown of the individual stock), edit column (for starting/benching and watching/trading opponent's stocks), shares owned, opening price per share (PPS), current PPS, and percentage change of the stock, as well as, your gain and loss for the selected time frame for each position.

Under your roster is the watch list, this is private and will be available to you not only on your team page, but also when looking at the team pages of your opponents.

Matchup Page

The top of the page gives you the weekly summary of gain/loss in the match-up. Beneath this is the box score of each position for you and your opponent complete with the current starting stock symbol (again clickable for a more in depth look of the stock), the game wide rank of the stock, current price, and gain/loss for the week.

Stocks Page

FaFolio has compiled roughly 370 stocks (and growing) mostly from the NYSE, of the most well known companies in the U.S. There are numerous sorting functions to assist you in finding stocks. FaFolio has broken them down by: symbol, name, owner, rank, % gain/loss, volume, P/E ratio, current price, and time frame. There is also a search box that will find stocks by partial name or symbol.

Individual Stock Breakdown Page

Once you have located the stock you are looking for, clicking the symbol will take you that stock's individual break down page. Additional statistics, such as, open price,

change in price, daily high/low, market cap, 52-week high/low, outstanding shares, and company profiles are also available here. FaFolio also supplies you with top industry news, from sources such as, The Wall Street Journal, The NY Times, and Morningstar.

Suggest a Stock

Don't see a stock you want on your team? No problem, by simply using the "Suggest Stock" tab on the main toolbar you can let us know what stock you would like to see in the game. Each week we research the suggestions and if they are a good fit for the game we add them.

Prior to the draft, finding the superstars or potential sleepers and tossing them on your watch list is a great way to start your season.

Learning Center

As you may have already discovered, this page provides you with the Rules of the Game, Frequently Asked Questions, and a Glossary. Feel free to email us at info@FantasyStockBroker.com with any questions, concerns, thoughts and ideas you may have.

Let the Games Begin!

Each season consists of a 10 week regular season followed by 3 rounds of one week playoff battles amounting to a virtual fiscal quarter.

All seasons will begin at the opening bell on Monday morning following the draft (drafts must be completed by the Friday before the following Monday, otherwise the season will begin on the second Monday).

Winning the Game

The goal is to have the best regular season record and playoff championship in your league. To do this, each week, you will compete against a different opponent, by managing your stocks, in an effort to have a higher team value than your opponent.

Each team will start with a fresh $8,000 ($1,000 for each starting position) at the opening bell each week. Your 8 starting positions' gain/loss is tallied throughout the trading week and the team with the most money at the closing bell on Friday wins that week's match-up.

When the opening bell rings each morning your roster is frozen, meaning you cannot bench/start stocks until the market closes. In weekly formats your roster is locked until the closing bell on Friday. That said you can still add/drop and trade players during the trading day and these changes will be available either the next day for daily leagues or the weekend for weekly leagues.

Each day's scoring is from opening bell to opening bell with the exception of Friday, where it is from the open to closing bell. In weekly leagues your team's value will be calculated from opening price on Monday to the Friday closing prices.

Each week's gain/loss total is added to the cumulative season record, which is used for tie-breaking standings and playoff seeding.

Once the ten-week regular season is over the top two teams, by record, earn first round bye weeks. From there the 3 seed will play the 6 seed and the 4 seed will play the 5 seed. Playoffs are three rounds and are single elimination.

Last but not Least

A few remaining details that should get you well on your way.

Transaction Deadlines

Daily/competitive leagues require all trades and free agent transactions to be completed by 11:59:59 p.m. PST to be reflected in your following day's lineup.

Weekly/casual leagues require all trades and free agent transactions to be completed by 11:59:59 p.m. PST on Friday in order to be reflected on Saturday's line-up. From there you also have the ability to change your line-up on Saturday and Sunday each week in preparation for the Monday match-up.

Trading Stock

To propose a trade, find the stock you want on the Stock Page, or initiate a trade through an opponent's team page. Simply click the "Trade" button, on the stock you want, and the trade process will begin. An email will be sent to the opponent (if they elected to receive emails) notifying them you have proposed a trade. The opponent can then go to their team page to view the proposal, accept it, decline it or make a counter offer. All trades require an offer and acceptance for a trade to be completed. If your trade is rejected, you will receive an email (if you elected to receive emails) notifying


In order for a trade to be valid, all stocks involved must still be on the same team they were on when the trade was offered. Team owners will not be allowed to make any further transactions involving the offered stock once it has been accepted. Team owners may have up to four pending trade offers at any time

Free Agency

Free agents are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. When adding a free agent keep in mind that the stock will be placed in the same position on your team as the stock you dropped for it. Therefore, if you want the free agent to be on your starting line-up the following day, be sure to place the dropped stock in one of the 8 starting positions the day before.

Tiebreak System

If, at the end of the regular season, two or more teams finish tied in the standings (based on a games behind calculation), the following system will be used to break the tie and determine playoff seeding:

Best winning percentage, highest dollar value in the regular season, best winning percentage starting in week 13 and counting backwards until a winner is decided.


The playoff system is the same for every league. The top 6 teams at the end of the regular season make the playoffs, any team not making the top 6 is then eliminated. The top 2 seeds receive a first round bye, the 3 seed plays the 6 seed and the 4 seed plays the 5 seed. The winners of these two matches go on to play the 1 and 2 seed (1 vs. 3/6 and 2 vs. 4/5) in the semi finals, while the losers are then eliminated. The winners of these matches play for the championship, while the losers play for 3rd and 4th place.

Fair Play and Sportsmanship

Although FaFolio is meant to be a competitive experience for all involved, it is important to FaFolio that users not lose sight of the rules of fair play and good sportsmanship.

To this end, team owners agree that, by joining a league, they will abide by the following regulations:

All league-related transactions should be executed with the intent of improving the owner's team and/or its standing within the league. No owner should drop or "dump" stocks from their team for any reason other than to improve their own team and/or its standing within the league.

No owner should engage in any action that may be deemed to be collusive (two or more owners agreeing to make trades that benefit one team, but not the other). No owner should make any roster moves when the sole purpose is to hamper the play of other team owners. No owner should take any action whose purpose is to, in any way, interfere with fair play in a league.

While FaFolio will not remove teams from leagues after they have drafted, any failure to follow all of the items listed above may result in the limitation or removal of playing privileges for the offending team owner. These restrictions may include: The suspension of specific game privileges (trading, message board posting, etc.) for the remainder of the season. The suspension of ALL playing privileges for the remainder of the season. Any other action that FaFolio, at its sole discretion, feels is necessary to restore fair play to the league. It is the responsibility of team owners to monitor activity within their leagues. If, as a team owner, you notice any suspicious or collusive activity in your league, please notify us so that we may investigate and take the appropriate action—if any is deemed necessary—against the offending team(s) and/or account(s).

Scoring Questions

If you would like to report an error in scoring please reply, with the following information so we may investigate further, to info@FantasyStockBroker.com:

The name of the team in question, your league ID#, the stock(s) and date(s) in question and any other information that may help in resolving the issue.

Report a Bug

As a reminder FaFolio is a beta version game, this means that while the user base grows so will the features, design and functionality. From time to time even though we try our best to test everything first, a bug may surface in the game. If this happens to you feel free to click the Report a Bug link and let us know what happened.