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Unsure of how to play? Want to check out a Rule? You’re at the right spot!! Below you should find any and all material to help you play and win the Fantasy Stock Broker game!
Rules FAQ's Glossary
  • What are FaFolio and Fantasy Stock Broker?

 They are a simple, fun, and free place to learn how the stock market works by creating a team/portfolio of player/stocks to compete against your friend’s teams/portfolios in a fantasy stock league for 13 weeks.  It is designed after fantasy football/baseball league concepts. 

  • What if I don't know anything about fantasy sports leagues?

No worries, FaFolio is actually quite a bit easier than traditional fantasy football/baseball leagues.  The only statistic that counts for your team’s performance is how much money your stocks/players make or lose each week.  You can review the rules by checking out the Rules section in the Learning Center.

  • What if I don’t know anything about the stock market?

Perfect, you are in the right place, we built this site for people just like you.  How much you know, want to know and how much time you spend learning is completely up to you.  Theoretically you could draft your team, start your first week line-up and let it stay that way for the entire season.  It may not be the best strategy for beating your friends weekly, but it’s your team you do with it as you please.

  • How much does the game cost to play?

NADA!  It’s completely free to play. 

  • Who plays FaFolio?

FaFolio is made up of people from a wide range of backgrounds and understandings of the market.  You can decide to play in a private league with just your friends and family or you can join one of our public leagues where we match you up with other investors who have selected the same league options.

  • Are there any strings attached to playing FaFolio?

There are no strings attached, FaFolio is here to provide, everyone with a competitive spirit and a desire to take control of the investing futures, a place to further their understanding of the financial markets.  Plus, by participating in a league, you may end up creating a network of fellow team owners to trade investing strategies, knowledge and tips for the real stock market.   

  • Do you have any tips for beginners?

Have fun! FaFolio is whatever you want your investing strategy to be there are no investing rules. Without having to risk your own money you can take your time and work on your strategy at your own pace.  The only thing you can lose, is the chance to talk smack when your team/portfolio out performs your opponent. 
If you'd like a little more guidance on how to play you could also head over to our Rules section in the Learning Center.

  • Where do I start?

You can either round up some of your friends and start a private league or join a public league by yourself and experience the same fun and competition with other like minded people.

  • How do I invite people to join a league?

If you have created your own league you will be able to send out an e-mail invite to your friends. 

  • How do I talk to fellow team owners?

In your league there is a message board, e-mail notifications and a section for announcements, comments or ole fashion smack talk, but keep it clean! 

  • How do you join a league?

If you want to be in a private league, you can either start the league as the commissioner or be invited by one of your friends.  The other option is to join a public league and select the type of style of play you prefer and we will match you with other users who also want to play in that type of league.

  • How do I look for companies to invest in?

You can use the stock page where you can search for a company by stock ticker symbol, or name or use one of sorting features.  There are also opportunities to learn about possible companies every time you go to the mall, buy food, or fill up your gas tank.  Possible player/stocks are everywhere you are.  You can also do your own online research by reviewing a company’s “Investor Relations” tab found on most publicly traded company websites.

  • How do I watch companies without actually signing the player/stock?

To add player/stock to your watch list, go to the stock page, find your player/stock, and simply click on the watch button next to the name of the player/stock.

  • Why isn't the company I'm looking for included on FaFolio?

Well, that could be for a few reasons. FaFolio only includes companies that are publically traded, and from there we limited it to about 350 of the most well known companies.  Don’t worry though this is just for our beta version and we will be adding companies in the near future.
We're always working to improve our game, so if you have a company that you think would be very beneficial to your team feel free to send us an e-mail.

  • I'm trying to make a substitution to start a different stock/player and it won't go through, why?

Once the market opens your starting line-up is locked in for the trading day. (The market is open 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on weekdays).  

  • My stock/player substitution went through, but my team/portfolio didn't change. What's going on?

All add/drops and trades occur over night and will be available to your team the next day.  If you would like to review your changes you can click on the trade offers hyperlink on your team page.

  • Who invests the money we play with?

No one, FaFolio is played with fantasy money, each week you have a starting line-up that has $1000.00 placed in each position to automatically buy shares of stock that are in your starting line-up.  We go into this a bit more in the Rules section.

  • What if I want to invest my own money?   

You can use any brokerage firm or online brokerage house you feel like.  FaFolio is only a game and has no affiliation with any other investing institution.

  • I can't remember my password. Can you send it to me?

We'll send you a new password just click the “forgot password” tab found on the log-in page and one will be sent to your e-mail address.  

  • I'm having an issue with something on the site. Where do I get assistance?

Just e-mail us at info@FantasyStockBroker.com and tell us about the issue. The FaFolio team will address the issues and will get back to you as fast as possible with a solution, usually within couple business days. 

  • I have a great idea for FaFolio. Where can I submit it?

We'd love to hear it, but keep in mind that we are always working on adding new features and expanding the site options so we may already be working on the improvement.  It is also important to understand that we get many ideas sent to us so by submitting the idea to us you give up any rights you may have had in the idea.

  • What if my question is not on the FAQ section?

Send us an email at info@FantasyStockBroker.com

  • How do I edit my profile?

You cannot edit your profile, but you can edit any of the teams you currently have by going to the team page. 

  • How do I delete my account?

If a season is in session, you cannot delete your team.  The only person who can delete is the commissioner.  If he/she deletes the WHOLE league, all the teams will then be deleted.  Once all of your leagues have completed their season you may then delete you account by emailing us at info@FantasyStockBroker.com.

  • I saw an offensive comment on the site. What do I do?

The entire team over here at FaFolio HQ really relies on the sharp eyes of our users to help us out with stuff like this. If you do see offensive comments, please let us know!  Don’t forget to tell us who was leaving the offensive comments and where they were left. 

  • Is it safe to let my kids/students/parents/grandparents use FaFolio?

FaFolio is designed so that anyone, at any level of investing experience and any age, with a competitive spirit and a thirst for knowledge can enjoy and take more control of their finances.