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Fantasy Stock Broker

FaFolio (FAntasy portFOLIO) started as a sketch on a napkin in the fall of 2009, by two cousins from Chicago, Bud Wierenga and Lou Wierenga. The cousins were avid fantasy sports players but novice stock market investors. After dabbling in their own real money investing accounts, and getting nowhere, they soon decided to join a fantasy "football-style" investing league. There was just one problem, there wasn't one!

Still feeling that this would be a great way to learn about investing, they decided to try and build one. The aim was to create a free, fun and simple game for anyone interested. That is when problem number two appeared. Neither cousin was a computer programmer or even knew the first thing about what it would take to build a website, let alone an interactive game!

After months of research and planning, they commissioned an online gaming company, named Forever Interactive, to develop the beta version of FaFolio, and in late October 2010 www.FaFolio.com was launched.

The goal of FaFolio is to provide an incentive, through friendly fantasy competition, for people everywhere to learn a bit more about how the stock market works. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or have no experience with fantasy sports or the stock market, you will be able to not only compete, but increase your knowledge and confidence in the stock market.

As mentioned, FaFolio is currently in a beta version, so the features and design will continue to improve as the site grows. If there are any comments or questions you have feel free to send an email to info@FantasyStockBroker.com.


the guys at FaFolio